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"At Edvanced Learning, we prioritize our relationship with our students & parents above all else. Our approach to education combines structure, encouragement, accountability, and humility. By doing so, we are able to create a supportive community that accelerates academic achievements while promoting a fun, competitive environment for our students.

Our goal is to serve families in our community by utilizing our experience & expertise. We do so by using individualized teaching in small group learning and one-on-one tutoring, SAT/ACT prep programs, and academic consulting. We understand you have many choices when it comes to academic guidance for your child. We are truly grateful that you ask us to be a part of the process."

-Waheed Gardezi, Executive Director of Edvanced Learning

Waheed Gardezi, Chief Counselor & Executive Director

Waheed Gardezi, Chief Counselor & Executive Director

Education & Career

Harvard College A.B. 2009 Former Admissions Interviewer

Change Management Consultant Apr 2017 to Jun 2018

Cognizant Business Consulting
Business Consultant Mar 2017 to Mar 2017

Kirin International Holding Research Director May 2013 to Mar 2014


Unlike anywhere I have seen, the teachers here truly care about you and are determined to help you do your best
— Sydney Gabourel, Yale c/o 2015
The teachers here are consistent, hardworking, and masters in what they teach. Not only do they provide students with useful strategies and lessons, but do it in an easy to understand way. It’s obvious that these teachers truly love what they do.
— Ibrahim Bharmal, Stanford c/o 2018
The best part about Edvanced is that you get the quality education similar to bigger learning academies but the intimacy of one on one tutoring.
— Yunsoo/Victor Lee, Dartmouth c/o 2020
Not only have the teachers taught me the curriculum that I was there to learn, but they have also taught me many life lessons and morals that I remember to this day
— Gabrielle Lin, Berkeley c/o 2018


Angela Yi - Cypress HS | Harvard
Kevin Yoon - Cypress HS | Harvard
Daniel Cho - Oxford Academy | Harvard

Thomas Hsieh - Cerritos HS | Stanford
Jean Yi - Oxford Academy | Stanford
Tyler Vo - Whitney HS | Stanford
Ibrahim Bharmal - Kennedy HS | Stanford
Ryan Kang - Gahr HS | Stanford
Han Jang - Servite HS | Stanford

Diane Kim - Cypress HS | Yale
Sydney Gabourel - Kennedy HS | Yale

Florent Blanc - Long Beach Poly | Wharton: UPenn

Alyssa Pho - CA Academy of Arts & Science | Brown
Christine Lee - Oxford Academy | Brown 

Michelle Yang - Cerritos HS | Johns Hopkins
April Lee - Beckman HS | Johns Hopkins

Yunsoo-Victor Lee - Oxford Academy | Dartmouth

Sierra Cleveland - Los Alamitos HS | Duke
Jasmine Kim - Kennedy HS | Duke

Aaron Chough - Whitney HS | West Point Academy

Daphne Chiang - Whitney HS | Georgetown

Loren Park - Oxford Academy | Notre Dame

Samuel Kim - Oxford Academy | Carnegie Mellon

Sylvie Do-Vu - Oxford Academy | St. John's - Fulbright scholar

Aayush Patel - Oxford Academy | UC Berkeley
Sean Pak - Los Alamitos HS | UC Berkeley
Joseph Shin - Cerritos HS | UC Berkeley
Claria Chung - Cypress HS | UC Berkeley
Jade Vendivel - Kennedy HS | UC Berkeley
Delaney LeMasters - Los Alamitos HS | UC Berkeley
Christina Hwang - Cypress HS | UC Berkeley
Rachel Choi - Webb HS | UC Berkeley
Gabrielle Lin - Kennedy HS | UC Berkeley
Yesuk-David Kim - Oxford Academy | UC Berkeley
Ashley Tang - Whitney HS | UC Berkeley
Darren Fang - Whitney HS | UC Berkeley

Austin Yim - Cypress HS | UCLA
Kristine Do-Vu - Oxford Academy | UCLA
BoKyung Kim - Cerritos HS | UCLA
Sokmo Son - Cypress HS | UCLA
Joelle Li - Gahr HS | UCLA
Rachel Lee - Cypress HS | UCLA
Helen Lee - Cypress HS | UCLA
Natalie Tantisirirat - Mayfair HS | UCLA
Tabitha Lin - Kennedy HS | UCLA

Josephine Lin - Whitney HS | Pitzer

Annie Oh - Whitney HS | USC
Jiwoo Kim - Cerritos HS | USC
Austin Chow - Whitney HS | USC
David Choi - Cerritos HS | USC
Amanda Li - Fairmont Prep | USC

William Kim - Whitney HS | NYU
William Lin - Whitney HS | NYU
Tiffany Huang - Oxford Academy | NYU

Maxine Pak - Oxford Academy | U. of Michigan
Rachael Chait - Chadwick School | U. of Michigan

Classes & Descriptions

Our focus has always been respect for the individual. Our experienced instructors create lectures, lesson plans, and practical approaches to encourage problem-solving & critical thinking; these lessons create an engaging, results-driven environment for our students to best develop their unique skillsets.

"Edvanced Academy is the perfect balance of everything that a student needs to prosper. The work is challenging, the teachers have high expectations of you, and you might feel overwhelmed sometimes, but these masters of their subjects will do anything to help you conquer your academic fears."

      -Amanda Li, USC c/o 2016

  • SAT Prep (Weekday/Weekend/Summer)

  • Private Tutoring

  • College Planning Program (9th to 11th grade)

  • College Application Program (12th grade)


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