Services Offered

Academic Tutoring and Test Preparation: All grades

·      SAT I and ACT preparation

·      AP and SAT subject test preparation

·      School courses, including math, history, English and science 

·      Call for pricing 

College Planning Program (CPP): 9th to 11th grades

·      Academic coaching on course selection and study pain points

·      College and major selection (reach, target and safety)

·      Mentoring on extracurricular activities - clubs, activities and summer planning

·      Standardized test planning 

·      Call for pricing 

College Application Program (CAP): 12th grade

·      School selection (reach, target and safety) based on student interest and profile

·      Resume composition

·      Application form completion

·      Essay editing (brainstorming, drafting and editing)

·      Interview preparation

·      Financial aid guidance

·      Appeal letters

·      Call for pricing