Ibrahim Bharmal, Stanford c/o 2018

“The teachers here are consistent, hardworking, and masters in what they teach. Not only do they provide students with useful strategies and lessons, but do it in an easy to understand way. It’s obvious that these teachers truly love what they do.”

Sydney Gabourel, Yale c/o 2016

“Unlike anywhere I have seen, the teachers here truly care about you and are determined to help you do your best”

Gabrielle Lin, UC Berkeley c/o 2018

Not only have the teachers taught me the curriculum that I was there to learn, but they have also taught me many life lessons and morals that I remember to this day
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Victor-Yunsoo Lee, Dartmouth c/o 2020

“The best part about Edvanced is that you get the quality education similar to bigger learning academies but the intimacy of one on one tutoring.”

Tiffany Liu, UCSB c/o 2016

"The teachers are amazing and I actually looked forward to attending classes! ... My SAT score immediately improved 100 points"

Amanda Li, USC c/o 2016

"Edvanced Academy is the perfect balance of everything that a student needs to prosper. The work is challenging, the teachers have high expectations of you, and you might feel overwhelmed sometimes, but these masters of their subjects will do anything to help you conquer your academic fears"

Ashley Tang, UC Berkeley c/o 2017

"The classrooms were smaller, with less people, there was a smaller student-teacher ratio, allowing for more one-on-one help. I instantly saw my SAT score shoot up in less than a week, and I had fun doing it"

Allison Tam, UCSB - Engineering c/o 2020

"Altogether from the first practice SAT I took in June 2013, I improved almost 500 points"

Matthew Lee, University of Washington c/o 2018

"The teachers are amazing at what they do. I can think of no other place I would like to go for studying. They are always there for me to answer all my questions."

Natalie Tantisirirat, UCLA c/o 2017

"The SAT preparation classes here really do help you. You're given teachers that thoroughly explain concepts and problems to you; moreover, after each practice test, you get an analysis of the type of questions you miss, and your overall progress."